New Range Rover Sport Customised and Windows Tinted at Go Tints

Go Tints in Huddersfield is one of the top choices for Huddersfield’s Lands Rover main dealership when adding window tints and other detailing to their brand new cars. We recently had the pleasure of tinting the windows of this brand new Range Rover Sport 65 reg. The window tints are an excellent way of protecting the interior of a brand new car. With the summer sun still making an appearance in September, it was imperative that there was a high level UV protection film applied to the windows. UV rays even in the early Autumn months can still cause harm to a driver and passengers skin. The window tints provide a highly efficient barrier against these harmful rays.

The black detailing added to the bumpers and side grills enhanced the sporty look of the car and provided an edgier finish. Gloss Black air bonnet vents with a chrome vent were added to the bonnet and side panels. Warm air often decreases the driving power of sports cars therefore, the air vents as well as providing a decorative element also enhance the drive of the car by allowing cool air to pass through the vents to the intercooler. Giving the car a more dynamic drive.

Go Tints have highly specialised technicians who can meet all your customisation and window tinting needs. With over 17 years experience in commercial window tinting you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands. Call us now for a quick quote on 01484 432669.